Functional Bodybuilding | Functional Bodybuilding 101
Look good, move well with Functional Bodybuilding training and nutrition by Games athlete Marcus Filly.
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Functional Bodybuilding 101

Look Good, Move Well and Train With Passion – At Age 20, 80, or Beyond

The crowd is electric. The announcers are breathless. Every sweaty muscle is glinting to perfection. It’s easy to be seduced, awed, and inspired by the explosive power of high-level athletes at the peak of competition. Each season we follow in their footsteps, chasing the feeling of progress and the highs of new PRs, or better split times, or overcoming mental barriers. It’s human nature to think more is always better, and if you’re not redlining every workout like the pros you’ll never reach your true potential.

But when the stadium lights go off and the cameras are packed up, professional athletes limp home to their ice baths and suffer the consequences of overdosing on intensity. Exhaustion and injury. Hormones a hot mess. And perhaps worst of all, these athletes find themselves dreading their training, instead of enjoying the simple pleasure of moving our bodies well in a way we can sustain.

Training for longevity looks different. There’s a way to build strength without sacrificing function. Through an emphasis on quality – of movement, nutrition, lifestyle, and recovery – and an alignment of these ideas with who you are and where you want to go with your training, you can train in a way that lets you look good naked and move like a panther, whether you’re chasing personal records or your grandkids’ kids.

It Was Time for a Change

After placing 12th at the 2016 CrossFit Games and heading right into a high-intensity Grid League season, Marcus Filly was injured, burned out, and beat up. Through a relationship of trust with his coach Mike Lee of OPEX, who brought extensive knowledge of training philosophies and their applications, his training was reinvented. They started at the beginning with a basic assessment and progressed gradually through different planes of motion, refining the mechanics that led to Marcus’s injury and keeping the training varied and refreshing, both mentally and physically. Marcus was able to recover from injury without surgery and overcame the physical and mental issues that plagued his training. Functional Bodybuilding inspired a new way for Marcus and Mike to share what they learned about how to combine the slow, refined movements of traditional bodybuilding in new ways for a variety of training applications, sports, and competitive and noncompetitive goals.

In this Intro Course, you will learn:

  • How application followed aesthetics to create Functional Bodybuilding
  • The 5 core ingredients of Functional Bodybuilding – including the importance of mental refreshment as well as lifestyle outside of the gym
  • A simple 6-Part Assessment to determine readiness for a Functional Bodybuilding program
  • An overview of program design and how to use the essential ingredients of Functional Bodybuilding to progress different movements in complexity in a broader scope
  • How Functional Bodybuilding fits together with common training goals, including peaking for competitions like the OPEN.

The Answers Lie Within You

A key principle in Functional Bodybuilding is self-awareness – being present as you move and understanding how the idea of what you’re doing meets how it actually feels while you do it. Join the Functional Bodybuilding movement and put these ideas into use right away – and feel more connected than ever to the purpose behind your training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this course include?

Functional Bodybuilding 101 includes 8 videos (about an hour total content) with Marcus Filly and Mike Lee, as well as a 45-page downloadable workbook to guide you through the concepts. You will also receive a sample 3-week training template designed by Marcus Filly from Awaken Training Series, as well as a 28-day training template designed by Mike Lee.

Who is this for?

This course is perfect for coaches who want to improve their clients’ quality of movement, as well as athletes and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for a way to train sustainably without burnout. Functional Bodybuilding can be used as a standalone program or as a way to approach sport-specific training, or training for health and longevity as a goal.

How is this different than Awaken Training Series?

Awaken Training Series, created by Marcus Filly, is a 12 week online progressive training program that uses Functional Bodybuilding principles. In Functional Bodybuilding 101 you will learn the ideas that went into Awaken Training Series, whereas Awaken Training Series is a training program you can follow. The two go perfectly together and Awaken Training Series will be open for registration next in January 2018.

How long will I be able to access the course?

When you purchase the course you will receive a login and access to all the lessons, videos, and workbook indefinitely. Come back any time to refer to the course materials and use them in your training.

More questions? Contact us and we’d be happy to help. Or if you’re ready to get started…