Functional Bodybuilding | Podcast
Look good, move well with Functional Bodybuilding training and nutrition by Games athlete Marcus Filly.
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Welcome to the Look Good Move Well podcast, where you can get fresh ideas for your training, nutrition, and lifestyle to immediately put to use. If you want to be a sexy 80 year old AND throw your grandkids around like basketballs, listen in with Marcus Filly, the creator of Functional Bodybuilding, and Misbah Haque, Revival Strength coach and podcaster with Airborne Mind. We’ll be talking about avoiding burnout, keeping your passion alive for training, and fueling your body and mind so you can look good, move well now and for years to come.

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  • Feed Yourself Like a King (Or Queen)

    In the first episode, Marcus shares some simple ways to get confident in the kitchen and avoid the soggy salad struggle. Learn how to make Filly Frittata to hit protein and veggies in one delicious swoop for the ultimate breakfast all week long....

  • Movement is the Ultimate Freedom

    Vacuuming. Getting out of the car. Standing up. It’s easy to take our ability to move for granted, until it’s taken away. Just like Marcus’s baby daughter, the more ways you can move, the more freedom you have in life. Finding your own entry point into loving the way you can move will also keep you motivated in your training. Listen in to get inspired and take our 5-minute flow challenge!...

  • Clearing Carb Confusion

    If you’ve ever wondered how to drop body fat and not feel like crap, or how to add lean muscle and still move the way you want to, today’s episode is for you. There are a lot of misconceptions about carbs out there, so let’s get started on how to use them wisely for the results you want....

  • When Routine Gives You the Runs

    Routine is awesome for helping you train consistently and build a healthy lifestyle, but there’s one area where too much of the same can mess you up. If your digestion sucks and you can’t figure out why, or your macros are on point but you’re still not seeing changes, this is an important listen....

  • Set Yourself Up for a Successful Day

    When you wake up, do you consciously decide what you’ll do to start your day right? Or are you simply reacting to the stream of information flowing your way? A great morning routine is common among top performers - build some awareness around what works for you with some tips from this episode....

  • No Diets: How to Eat Well for Life

    People search endlessly for the one diet or way of eating that will keep them looking good and moving well - but maybe the trick is to not diet at all. In this episode on intuitive eating, we talk about alternatives to tracking every macro and how to develop awareness of other factors that influence how nutrients affects your body....

  • Heal the Inside So the Outside Can Change

    Even though it affects your body composition, you can’t always control the stressors coming at you in life. But you can evaluate your own mental, physical, and emotional needs and respond with intention. What happens under the hood is the ticket to health - give this episode a listen to check in with yourself about your stress and learn some simple ways to cope....